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Versimax™ diamond composite

Versimax is a silicon carbide bonded diamond composite with superior wear resistance, high strength, and high temperature performance. Versimax has hardness, strength, and toughness approaching that of Co-sintered PCD but provides superior thermal stability. The ceramic bonded composite is impervious to most corrosives.

Versimax finds use in nozzles, wire bundling and stranding dies, grinding centers, truing and dressing tools, and a wide variety of other wear parts across many industries. The material is produced as a monolithic solid and does not come attached to a cemented carbide substrate. If desired, it can be attached to cemented carbide using furnace brazing methods and active brazing alloys, achieving shear strengths of 250 to 350MPa, at brazing temperatures between 650 and 925C. Versimax is available as large as 35mm diameter and 38mm overall thickness.

Thermal stability

Versimax is a composite composed of 80% diamond bonded by a continuous matrix of ceramic silicon carbide. Since Versimax does not contain the interstitial Co catalyst present in sintered PCD, Co-assisted thermal degradation due to Co thermal expansion and graphitization does not occur, and Versimax is stable up to temperatures of 1200C. The thermal stability of Versimax was demonstrated by heating the material in an inert atmosphere to 1200C and held for 1 hour. The transverse rupture strength was measured after cooling to room temperature. Unlike PCD which would crack over 700C, Versimax retained 90% of its strength after high temperature exposure.

Tool Fabrication

Versimax is available in custom sizes and shapes prepared according to your specifications. Most parts are produced using electrical discharge machining methods (wire or solid electrode), with some parts requiring minor finish grinding. Both simple shapes (cylinders, rectangular or triangular prisms, etc.) and more complicated geometries (conical shapes, hollow cylinders, negative features, etc.) can be produced. Versimax can be attached to tungsten carbide or steel by furnace brazing. Tools can also be produced by press fitting, heat shrink fitting, adhesive bonding, or mechanical fixturing. Contact your account manager to review your application and determine the best fabrication method to use for your tool.

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Components commonly made of Versimax diamond composite:

  • Grinding centers
  • High-pressure anvils (DAC)
  • Stranding and bunching dies
  • Extrusion parts
  • Wear plates

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