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Compax® tool blanks

Sandvik manufactures a complete line of high-quality sintered diamond Compax® tool blanks. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is used for machining a wide variety of non-ferrous and non-metallic materials. To achieve maximum productivity in tool manufacturing and in machining applications, Sandvik supplies a wide variety or PCD grades and blank sizes and shapes.

Compax 1200 diamond
Compax 1300 diamond
Compax 1500 diamond
Compax 1600 diamond
Compax 1800 diamond

Compax 1200 diamond has a very fine grain diamond structure ideal for applications in which surface finish is critical or when a WEDM-prepared edge is utilized. Compax 1200 diamond has also been proven effective in turning titanium alloys.

Compax 1300 diamond is a multi-purpose PCD grade used in a variety of applications. The material is highly abrasion resistant but has a medium grain diamond structure for ease of tool manufacturing. Compax 1300 diamond is recommended for machining of medium (7 – 14%) Si/Al alloys, copper alloys, graphite composites, wood composites and other non-ferrous materials.

Compax 1500 diamond is a coarse grain PCD material with high strength for interrupted and roughing cuts of high (>14%) Si/Al alloys, metal matrix composites, bi-metals, cemented carbides and other highly abrasive materials.

Compax 1600 diamond has a fine grain diamond structure for ease-of-tool fabrication. Easy to WEDM and grind, Compax 1600 diamond is typically used in wood cutting applications and moderate metal cutting applications; such as, low silicon aluminum reaming.

Compax 1800 diamond has a bi-modal diamond grain structure which delivers high abrasion resistance and toughness with good edge sharpness. Compax 1800 diamond is ideal for severe applications; such as, metal matrix composites, milling of high (>14%) Si/Al alloys and bimetals, fiberglass, and other highly abrasive materials.

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